August 4th 2011

3D printing in the desert

This guy figured out a way to make objects in the desert – using nothing (well…. a lot of equipement!) but sun and sand.

Of course, this is ‘just’ some type of laser-printer, omitting the laser and using the sun. But I love it! This is a picture of the result:

More can be found on his site.

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July 6th 2011

Strobe photography

Wow.. this is awesome!

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June 28th 2011

Working without a mouse

This brave person tries to work 7 days without using a mouse…


But, as a example, using the backend of this blog is very hard to do without using a mouse… The editor I type this in does not support shortcuts. If you want to create a link, you need to select the text (using the shift-key and cursor keys, of course!) but then… you want to, huh, click the button:

That’s not going to happen without a mouse. But a lot more can be done without a mouse than most people realize. Strangely enough, this has been true for some years now. I would say that proper instruction would save a lot of people a lot of clicks…!

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May 27th 2011

Dying for a cup of /real/ coffee?…

I am, after I saw this…!

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May 19th 2011

Hotels in the desert… strange but beautifull!

A photographer made pictures of ‘hotels’ that are build in the Sinai-desert:

Bit of a annoying flash-app, but more pictures can be found here.

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April 18th 2011

Wikileaks reveals early warning about Fukushima plant

With fears of a possible nuclear meltdown in Japan continuing to escalate, evidence that the nation received warnings over the stability of its power plants from an international watchdog more than two years ago has emerged via a new round of diplomatic cables accessed by WikiLeaks.


The strange thing is: I did not hear about this on any official outlet. Wikileaks is of the table. It has been news for some weeks, but now we move on to other things… as if this is not very important and incriminating news in itself…

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March 25th 2011

Stunning pictures

Stereographic projection photos are 360 degree by 180-degree panorama projected which gives off the illusion like you’re looking at small planets.

More can be found here.

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March 2nd 2011

Complex columns made from cardboard

Amazing columns made from stacked cardboard…

Calculated with a computer, cut with a laser-cutter.. this must have taken a few square meters of cardboard. But the result is amazing!

More pictures here.

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February 25th 2011

Amazing slow-motion film

Of course, you need the right equipement to shoot this. Even more obvious, you need the talent :-)
I must say, at least as impressive as the graphics, the sound is amazing…

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February 23rd 2011

Windows Phone 7 update bricks some phones

Nokia gets a taste of what might be in store for them…


M$ needs to get it’s act together fast, if WP7 is to make any dent into the mobile market…

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