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December 28th 2010

Apple going to ship the iPad2…

Apple is, of course, preparing to ship the iPad 2. But the numbers boggle me….

As for iPad 2, the sources estimate that the device’s shipments in 2011 will reach 40 million units, accounting for 65-75% of the global tablet PC market.

40.000.000 units? times $500,- apiece = $

Thats 20 BILLION dollars. 20 BILLION!! I’m just stunned by this number. I mean, I’ve seen it in action a number of times now. A lot of people I know have one. I like it, but I think it is just a bit too expensive for what if will offer. But the fact (well… prediction, which is not the same thing…) that they will sell that many of them just kind of numbs the mind….

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December 24th 2010

New interview with Assagne

The best quotes from the interview:

“He should be illegally assasinated” – that is the definition about terrorism

About Sarah Palin: “That just another idiot, trying to make a name for herself.”

Briliant :-)

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December 14th 2010

One reason to block adds…

Two major online ad networks — DoubleClick and MSN — were serving malware via drive-by download exploits over the last week, experts say, after a group of attackers was able to trick the networks into displaying their ads by impersonating an online advertising provider. The scheme involved a group of attackers who registered a domain that was one letter away from that of, an online advertising technology firm. The attackers then used the fake domain — — to dupe the advertising networks into serving their malicious banner ads. The ads used various exploits to install malware on victims’ PCs through drive-by downloads, according to information compiled by security vendor Armorize.

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December 13th 2010

Ron Paul defends Wikileaks

Dead right, I would say…

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December 13th 2010

What’s wrong with Wikileaks?

I was pointed to this article, as a argument not to support this petition (which I did sign..)


Basically, the argument in the article goes like this: ‘leaking is dangerous, because it will cause only more secrecy from the state’. I find this argument rather dumb, and much more dangerous than any leaking can be.
Even Julian Assange has said that the state must have some secrets. Nobody wants the exact location of any nuclear bombs to be known to the public, for instance. (Then again, I don’t want any nuclear bombs in the Netherlands at all… and Wikileaks showed us that there are… even when the government in it’s usual, weasely way denies nor confirms this….) If you are at war, you don’t want the plans for a attack leaked to the enemy, etc, etc.
But still. These are not the kind of things leaked by Wikileaks in this instance. When they did leak ‘military secrets’ some months ago (the infamous film with the attack on civilians) I think we can state that this was a legitimate leak.
The point is, that the whole stated purpose of Wikileaks is precisely to deny the state this kind of secrecy. Why, in a democratic society, should so many wheeling and dealing of the state be secret? Even in the supposedly open Dutch society, it remains awfully hard to get the document to release any documents at all. (There is a law, even named ‘Openness of Government”. But wielding it against the state takes so much time, that any release of documents will cost you more than half a year… While thus made legal if is very much impractical.)

I think that Wikileaks shows us that while not very surprising at least a disturbing amount of hazy deals are being made – in the name of the public…! Let us not forget that most of these people claim to represent that citizens that elected them. We did not elect them to keep secrets. And Wikileaks is preventing just that.

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December 10th 2010

Full Minority Report interface

It gets a bit repetitive after 1 minute.. but this has got to be the coolest hack of… well, at least this week. You got to give credit where it is due: M$ build something that will inspire a lot of people. Of course, it had to be hacked first, but still…. :-)

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December 8th 2010

A small step from hosanna to crucifixion…

Some quotes from Hillary Clinton, earlier this year… (Taken from the official site…)

We stand for a single internet where all of humanity has equal access to knowledge and ideas.


And censorship should not be in any way accepted by any company from anywhere. And in America, American companies need to make a principled stand. This needs to be part of our national brand. I’m confident that consumers worldwide will reward companies that follow those principles.

So, Mastercard, Amazon and PayPal are not American companies, are they?

A published reaction of Clinton to wikileaks:

“Let’s be clear. This disclosure is not just an attack on America — it’s an attack on the international community,” Clinton said Monday at a State Department news conference. Such leaks, she said, “tear at the fabric” of responsible government.

It’s a small step from hosanna to crucifixion, is it not? :-(

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December 8th 2010

Some more about th reaction of the US to Julian Assange/wikileaks

Up until today, Assange has systematically dodged international law enforcement. He has kept his website alive despite the policing of the U.S. government and the intense pressure it can place on corporations. (As an aside, the government’s influence on Amazon and PayPal proves that the U.S. puts pressure on major corporations only when it wants to. Keep this in mind the next time you’re contemplating why Wall Street bonuses are back to pre-crisis levels while you’re figuring out how to pay your rent and student loan debt in the face of your pay cut or salary freeze.)


I’m afraid I have to agree here… The speed with which wikileaks has been blocked by Amazon and Paypal is frightening…

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December 8th 2010

e-book pricing madness continues…

As noted before on this blog, something is very wrong with the pricing of e-books… see the example of the novel Pathfinder by Card..

As the above example shows, the differences seem to get only larger! Recently, I bought a Pocketbook 602, which I really like. But I’m not going to pay more for the digital version than for the dead-tree-version! :-(

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December 8th 2010

The position of Julian Assange explained in detail

I think this is one of the best, if not the best, articles I found online that describes why Julian Assange is doing what Wikileaks is doing right now…


I must say, I deeply agree with his reasoning. I hope that wikileaks can continue it’s work. I’m sure it;s not all good, but I think in total the effect should be positive on society…

BTW: by now it is clear that twitter is censoring #wikileaks. It will note that about a thousand tweets are done every few minutes if you search for #wikileaks, but it does still not show as a trend… amazing ;-(

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