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July 29th 2010

One way to scrap records…

That’s one way to screw your records and make sure you can’t play them.. On the other hand, it delivers something you might call art…

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July 28th 2010

I want a iPad?

If I see this… I want one. :-)
Basically, this is yourmagazine. Of course, I hate all the social networks. But if they can come up with this kind of stuff…

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July 26th 2010

The way you see things…

Last week the world was again ’stunned’ by leaked documents on wikileaks. This time it was documents that detailed the war in Afghanistan. These documents show that, by matter of course, the war is more brutal and ‘dirty’ than told to the public (in the USA, anyway). Who is utterly shocked? No body. But I’m… not shocked, but still suprised how little effect this seems to have on everyday news…

I think this headline of CNN is telling. Not the US is shocked, but Afghanistan… What the fuck? Why aren’t Americans crying out to their goverment that they do not want to be lied to anymore?

Salon Aricle: The WikiLeaks Afghanistan leak

It is amazing to see that predicting the reaction is so very easy:

It’s not difficult to foresee, as Atrios predicted, that media “coverage of the latest leak will be about whether or not it should have been published,” rather than about what these documents reveal about the war effort and the government and military leaders prosecuting it.

Some commenter tries to explain:

You know how this will go. They’ll condemn WikiLeaks, they’ll soft peddle the import of the leaked materials as in “we’re aware mistakes have been made” but “we’re in the process of correcting them” and “it’s still absolutely essential for America’s safety and security that we stay the course and not cut and run” . . . blah, blah, blah, blah.

And it will work because as you said the vast majority of Americans are disconnected from the actual human cost, they can’t conceive of the moral issues at play because they think in comic book morality narratives, and they can’t possibly compute the financial cost v. theoretical benefits (or more accurately the fantasy that there any benefits) because they are too busy following the gossip that passes as news in this country.

This comment may very well be right. But I’m stunned by the lack of … outrage by most of the people. It does not help my trust in democracy…

The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.

Churchill is supposed to have said this. I’m afraight he is very right…

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July 26th 2010

Nice sculpture of an orca

Nice one :)

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July 21st 2010

Amazing physics engine

Amazing physics engine. These things are, I think you can safely say by now, lifelike :-)

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July 13th 2010

10 chicks, 1 movie…

You will watch this twice.. want to bet?

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July 12th 2010

Spiderweb made of tape


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July 6th 2010

Amazing building

What a amazing building. Good to see that such beautifull things are still created! (Sometimes, you start to wonder if you see all the ugly things being build…) Click the image for more pictures!

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July 5th 2010


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July 2nd 2010

iPhone 4 vs HTC EVO 4


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