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April 12th 2012

You gotta love this :-)

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April 7th 2012

Makes no sense…

… but is is sort of mesmerising:

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December 20th 2011

How soldiers changed in Afghanistan

This is a very interesting if somewhat scary project:


It aims to document how people changed by serving in Afghanistan by taking their picture before, during and after the deployment…

In some of the photos people changed quite a lot. Of course, whether this is due to emotions live through, as the project suggests, or also to the weather and other changes is hard to tell. Nice try to capture the effects of these kind of periods during someones live none the less…

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October 6th 2011

How a lamp can be made…

It will be more expensive than the one you buy at IKEA – but then again, it has been made by humans…!

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August 4th 2011

3D printing in the desert

This guy figured out a way to make objects in the desert – using nothing (well…. a lot of equipement!) but sun and sand.

Of course, this is ‘just’ some type of laser-printer, omitting the laser and using the sun. But I love it! This is a picture of the result:

More can be found on his site.

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March 2nd 2011

Complex columns made from cardboard

Amazing columns made from stacked cardboard…

Calculated with a computer, cut with a laser-cutter.. this must have taken a few square meters of cardboard. But the result is amazing!

More pictures here.

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February 18th 2011

Briliant movie!

This has got to be a Point Of Vision-trick, but I can’t figure it out readily… fantastically done! :-)

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January 20th 2011

Beautiful drawing

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November 9th 2010

Leaf-carving… what the hell?


Sometimes all you can do is just stare. How can anybody create this? Wow.

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November 5th 2010

Touching movie…

I love this movie. The atmosphere feels very real – and saddening… :-(

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