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December 20th 2011

How soldiers changed in Afghanistan

This is a very interesting if somewhat scary project:


It aims to document how people changed by serving in Afghanistan by taking their picture before, during and after the deployment…

In some of the photos people changed quite a lot. Of course, whether this is due to emotions live through, as the project suggests, or also to the weather and other changes is hard to tell. Nice try to capture the effects of these kind of periods during someones live none the less…

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July 6th 2011

Strobe photography

Wow.. this is awesome!

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May 27th 2011

Dying for a cup of /real/ coffee?…

I am, after I saw this…!

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March 25th 2011

Stunning pictures

Stereographic projection photos are 360 degree by 180-degree panorama projected which gives off the illusion like you’re looking at small planets.

More can be found here.

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February 16th 2011

Rubik’s keyboard

There is no mention of the Words Per Minute you can reach with this baby :-)

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January 21st 2011

Too late… or…?

When you see this, you could argue that the plane stopped to late. And you would be right. But you could also argue that it stopped just in time… and you would be right! :-)

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January 21st 2011

White leaf agains coffee…

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January 20th 2011

Beautiful drawing

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January 12th 2011

Found a Inkscape art blog

Heart Attack

The artist at made a new picture everyday for a year!

I like it :-)

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November 10th 2010

I don’t know where this is, but I want to go there…

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