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October 28th 2008

More Wii’s – ever more Wii’s!!!

As we approach the holiday season, Nintendo has already said that they don’t expect to keep with demand for the Wii console. In an interview with the LA Times, Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime said they’re ramping up production by 33% already, with further increases planned. They’re hoping to avoid the scarcity of Wii’s that occurred last year, which cost them a great deal of money in potential sales. “We’re now producing 2.4 million units a month worldwide. Last year, we made 1.6 million a month. So we’ve made a 33% increase. One of our competitors projects they will sell 10 million consoles worldwide this year. For us, that’s three months of production. We’re producing an unprecedented level of hardware to try to meet demand.


Amazing amounts of hardware indeed! Wow… Now, can we get a decent race game please?

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June 19th 2008

PI in a crop-circle

A very compley, altough not very beautiful in a classical sense, cropcircle has emerged….


If you know how, you can, apparently you can read the number pi in there, somehow. I have not been able to do so, but then again, I’m no alien. (Despite suggestions otherwise!)

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May 20th 2008

Nintendo Wii outsells 360, PS3, PS2, PSP combined in April

This is getting ridiculous….


And still – a lot more software is released for those other platforms….

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May 7th 2008

Boom Blox getting rave reviews

Another fun game for the Wii:


Note, again, that a key word in the review is: ‘fun’!

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May 6th 2008

Amazon Says It’s Already Sold Out Of Wii Fit

Nintendo does it again!


Well, as I said before, I love mine :)

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April 29th 2008

Bought a Wii Fit board…

Yep, call me a sissy: I like my games to be FUN…!

And I must say: this is loads of fun. You can really get a workout with this thing, and having fun at the same time! Of course, I only own it for like 4 days, so how it will hold up in the long run I don’t know – but I will find out…! So far, I like it :-)

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April 24th 2008

Wii even a hit with seniors

The Wii turns out to be a hit even with seniors:


Well, I can easily see that it would attract them. It is (can be) a social activity – and you have to move your ageing body! It could even be a good exercise.

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April 21st 2008

Wii outselling PS3/360 by a large margin

The Wii is still going very strong:


Amidst all recession-talk, consoles are selling like crazy!

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March 19th 2008

Synthesizer in Nintendo DS

Amazing. Now all we need is a midi-interface!

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March 4th 2008


This film is a bit to slow – but still sorta funny:

Besides: it features the Wii and LEGO – what’s not to like? :-)

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