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April 7th 2012

Programming a game

I’ve not tried this myself, but for some people it might make a nice inroad into programming:

Very easy to start with, and it looks like a lot of fun! I might actually try this :)

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August 4th 2011

Is this for real… or unreal?

These guys claim to have a new rendering engine that will enable games to render to virtually unlimited detail….

It seems a lot like voxels. This has been claimed before – but not to this resolution, not with these numbers onscreen at the same time. A lot of people respond with a lot of sceptisism, but if this turns out to be true.. games are gonna be a lot nicer to look at!

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November 17th 2009

Prince of Persia Animation Reference 1985


This is brilliant. The original moves from Prince of Persia, as done by the younger brother of the programmer… He actually filmed his brother, and used those as reference for the animation in the game…

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May 25th 2009

Games – why are some more enjoyable then others?

This is a interesting article, that tries to explain why some games are more fun to play than others….


Where are the great platform games on the mobiles, btw?

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April 15th 2009

Nice game


I’m having trouble getting past level 1 :-)

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March 11th 2009

The Petaminx: Rubix cube – squared :-)

This is a really amazing puzzle… I wonder if any one can actually solve it…
More info, and a picture of the inside can be found here:


I’m still having real trouble solving the original cube :-)

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December 5th 2008

1 out of 24…

This is a nice game…



it is not so much a action-packed game. The trick is that you will be presented with 24 moving images. All the same – but 1 is different… fun to play!

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November 26th 2008

Beautifull race game

Wow.. a beautifull race-game… is that even possible?


Apparently! :-)

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November 10th 2008

Fun game

eyeballgame2.pngThis is a nice game – I got to 2.0… :-)

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October 13th 2008

In-game graphics of Spiderman 4

wow. just wow…!

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