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February 18th 2011

VR Hologram on a phone

Yes, of course, it is ‘fake’. But damn, does is look cool!

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November 11th 2010

Android now second biggest smartphone platform

Android still soaring up the charts…


I’m not surprised; anybody I know that has one, is very statisfied with it… as am I :-)

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September 6th 2010

Android wipping iPhone’s butt?

It would seem that Android is closing in very fast on iPhone:

More information here. I’m not surprised, for one. Apple is scaring people away with bad press about apps being rejected and nastiness all around. Android is being used on many new handsets now, so I would guess they will speed past Apple very soon. Of course, what Windows Mobile 7 is going to do, nobody knows…

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November 24th 2009

New way to type on a touchscreen

I seriously want to try this :-)

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June 11th 2009

Palm Pre much more a enterprise device?

This is a very interesting part of a review from Arts Technica of the Pre:

One of the most underhyped yet important features of the Pre is its support for over-the-air backup/restore using Palm’s Profiles service. Like so many other Pre reviewers, my first review unit broke (the middle column of the keyboard stopped working). When Palm sent me a new unit, I used a built-in app to completely wipe the old one, and I did most of the setup on the new one by simply entering my Palm Profiles credentials. (Note that Palm doesn’t offer OTA wipes yet, but this would be a trivial tweak of what it already has.) Once the new Pre authenticated me with Palm, it downloaded my apps, account information, and preferences, and after a reboot I was IMing and emailing again without having to reenter any of my data.

Note that if you log into Palm Profiles online, there isn’t much there. Palm has left this section pretty bare-bones, and I suspect that this is for a reason. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see that Palm can easily release an enterprise profile management server that would let corporate IT departments create and manage profiles for a mobile workforce. It might even just tie everything to your Exchange credentials, instead of having you make an extra set of mobile device credentials.

It’s likely that a future webOS enterprise scenario will look something like this:

When you’re hired, you’re issued a new or wiped Palm device along with log-in credentials for a corporate profile. On booting the device for the first time, you enter your credentials, and the device connects to the profile server and pulls down all of the apps and preferences that you’ve been assigned by IT. Your e-mail, IM, custom internal apps (CRM and the like), are all set up and ready to go as a result of that one initial log-in. And if you need access to more apps, you go to a private version of the App Catalog that has been customized for your company.

If you lose the device, IT can remote-wipe it and issue you a new one. Your profile, which has been backed up over-the-air, is still intact, and after logging into the profile server with your new device all your data is there.


I think the folks a BlackBerry are very worried… and if they are not, they will be out of new business very soon :-)

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June 10th 2009

Why are so little websites mobile-enabled?

There is a surprising number of websites, even from large, commercial news-outlets that have no mobile version…


As newspaper struggle to keep alive, this is baffling. They are losing yet another revenue stream that could be there and will be filled – either by them or by somebody else…

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June 9th 2009

Google Android netbooks comming to the market!

This is very exciting. It does not say in the video whether is has G3 onboard. But if it did, it could mean a alternative to all those EEE-XP machines you see around nowadays. It has superlong battery life… so.. well.. this might mean less XP on all those machines!

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June 8th 2009

Google Android.. going everywhere, getting fragmented?

Google Android seems to be poised to go to a lot of devices realy soon… this is definitely not bad news…


But, as also warned for in this article, it might mean it is getting fragmented as well. One of the main reasons the iPhone Appstore is such a phenomenal success is the number of apps out: 35.000+. That is the case for a number of reasons, but the number 1 reason is: if it runs on one iPhone, you know it it is gonna run on all of them. (This might be changing, if the iPhone upgrade tomorrow will increase processorspeed twofold!) Android at the moment is available on the G1 and on the G2 aka Dream. The only difference between the two seems the keyboard. But what will happen when Android runs on a multitude of devices, with different screens, location-finding hardware etc? This might mean trouble in the years to come. Anyway, they will be interesting ones! :)

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June 4th 2009

Palm Pre is getting rave reviews…

The upcomming Palm Pre is getting review that are maxing out on superlatives…


I bought a G1 after using a Palm Treo 650 for almost 5 to 6 years – every since it came out.
I switched because Palm did not seem to have anything in the works, at that moment. (Still: the launch in Europe is not announced at this date..) Did I switch to early? I don’t know. I thoroughly enjoy my G1, but I can’t help and feel a little like a traitor :-)

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April 5th 2009

Google allows Android tethering apps – outside US

Google will, apparently, allow tethering – but only outside the US.


Tethering allows a phone with broadband Internet to act a a modem to a connected computer. This is something the carriers don’t like, obviously :-)
It is just as obvious that users are not going to pay twice (once for the phone, and once for your laptop) for the same service. This is going to swing the users way, one way or the other…

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