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May 19th 2011

Hotels in the desert… strange but beautifull!

A photographer made pictures of ‘hotels’ that are build in the Sinai-desert:

Bit of a annoying flash-app, but more pictures can be found here.

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July 6th 2010

Amazing building

What a amazing building. Good to see that such beautifull things are still created! (Sometimes, you start to wonder if you see all the ugly things being build…) Click the image for more pictures!

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June 1st 2010

House as if ripped from a fantasy book

When I see houses like this one, I always wonder why my own house does not look like this…

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November 25th 2009

Beautiful, net zero energy building



Men, whould I love to live here… wow! Very beautifull design and apparently environmentally sustainable as well. Amazing!


March 24th 2009

Beautiful watch-tower

Very beautiful design…


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February 19th 2009

Like a tree

Is almost looks like a tree….



It actually is a study to implement multi-layer farming in a city. But wow… ;-)

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February 18th 2009

What a church…



I dislike the faith of humans in ‘gods’, but it cannot be denied that some beautifull things have come of it too…

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December 8th 2008

Blocked-buildings can be nice…



Wonderfull skyline! :)

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November 28th 2008

Looks like a church in a game.. is for real!


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August 29th 2008

Discovery about a gigantic piramide

deel 1:

deel 2:

deel 3:

deel 4:

deel 5:

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