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January 27th 2011

iPad a replacement for notebooks?

The question wheter a iPad can replace notebooks for some people keeps popping up, from time to time. This comment on slashdot tells a tale of someone who did just that – and managed to save money in the process…

I’ve actually found a business segment where the iPad has made a near perfect replacement for the traditional laptop. I don’t see MS catching up anytime soon. I just finished up a 4 month project to get one my clients moved to iPad’s for courtroom usage. I was approached by the Sr Partner in the firm to come up with a way for him to use his new toy back in August. I was then given an iPad and list of “requirements”. It needed to be able to send and receive email, edit word and pdf’s, sync with the firms docket calendar, record dictation in a standard format that would be emailable and would be foot pedal compatible and access documents back in the office. After evaluating a ton of products I chose Pages, Evernote, Drop Box and Dictate on Demand with Team Viewer as an option for the more advanced. It worked so well that the Sr Partner decided everyone needed one.

A very interesting example; it only shows that both android and M$ have their work cut out for them…!

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January 14th 2011

Nice twitter-app


With this JAVA-applet you can set two words agains eachother and see what people are saying about those two words. These are ‘live’ searches as far as I can make out. That means your results will differ from what I saw. But I loved this result, so I thought I’d share it with you. It amazes me the way Apple will ’steal’ anyones thunder. Even here, you can see that M$ is mentioned in conjunction with Apple very often… Much more so than the other way around!

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December 28th 2010

Apple going to ship the iPad2…

Apple is, of course, preparing to ship the iPad 2. But the numbers boggle me….

As for iPad 2, the sources estimate that the device’s shipments in 2011 will reach 40 million units, accounting for 65-75% of the global tablet PC market.

40.000.000 units? times $500,- apiece = $

Thats 20 BILLION dollars. 20 BILLION!! I’m just stunned by this number. I mean, I’ve seen it in action a number of times now. A lot of people I know have one. I like it, but I think it is just a bit too expensive for what if will offer. But the fact (well… prediction, which is not the same thing…) that they will sell that many of them just kind of numbs the mind….

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November 1st 2010

iPad: beautiful inside and out?

I like – using a good photograph of the guts as a wallpaper… :-)

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July 28th 2010

I want a iPad?

If I see this… I want one. :-)
Basically, this is yourmagazine. Of course, I hate all the social networks. But if they can come up with this kind of stuff…

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July 2nd 2010

iPhone 4 vs HTC EVO 4


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June 15th 2010

Apple site having trouble with pre-orders for iPhone 4

The Apple site is having trouble (apparently) coping with all the pre-orders for the iPhone 4….


It’s not like this is Apple first experience with really large numbers of people placing orders… this must mean the number of people is just very large :-)

I’ve not yet written about the iPhone, as enough has been said about it online. But it’s still amazing that so very many people will buy it – before even having seen it themselves!

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June 10th 2010

Maximum number of iPads bought – per person?

This is one of the reasons I’m not thrilled about Apple. I love (some) of their products… but this…


Apparently, there is a ‘maximum number of iPads per person’. Worse: they won’t tell you what the limit is…
While I understand that Apple tries to minimize ‘grey’ imports because of support-issues and stuff like that, This is a strange way of going about it…

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April 15th 2010

This is how our gadges are made…

It’s a bloody shame… but this is apparently true…


What can we do about it? Not buy the gadgets? :-(

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April 8th 2010

Q and Data love the iPad

If this is not paid for by Apple, it is a amazing sight. I would not have guessed that they see each other in private as well…

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