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June 28th 2011

Working without a mouse

This brave person tries to work 7 days without using a mouse…


But, as a example, using the backend of this blog is very hard to do without using a mouse… The editor I type this in does not support shortcuts. If you want to create a link, you need to select the text (using the shift-key and cursor keys, of course!) but then… you want to, huh, click the button:

That’s not going to happen without a mouse. But a lot more can be done without a mouse than most people realize. Strangely enough, this has been true for some years now. I would say that proper instruction would save a lot of people a lot of clicks…!

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November 9th 2010

Content Aware Image Resizing

This is old news, but I saw I don’t have this on my site…

I like the latter part of this video: the ‘heat-level pictures’ where you can actually see how the software is deciding what pixels to loose…

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June 15th 2010

Why M$ Silverlight is not such a great idea

I think this comment is very good at explaining why some technologies have no place in the web:


It breaks the ‘webexperience’. Of course, people will still use it :-( I hope steaming video will quickly move to HTML 5…..

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May 26th 2009

Nice article on Slashdot on software bugs

This is a funny article, that about ridiculous software bug workarounds: things you might do to get around a certain bug.


One of the nice examples in all the comments:

but it was back in the days of Windows 95. I was working in software Localisation for a Lotus Notes product. We had several machines working in the test lab based on ghost images, so they were all pretty much identical.

One of the machines kept dying on us during the test phase, but none of the others did. Very confusing, for about a day. Until we realised that the machine which was crashing had an audio CD in the drive. (Not playing, not in Explorer. Just present in the drive.)

We verified it by swapping the audio cd into other machines, and running the same tests. Invariably, the machine with the CD in, crashed when we tried to perform task “x” in Lotus Notes.

It was escalated up, as I recall. And we eventually got a note back saying “Don’t put CD’s in the CD-Rom drives.”

I still remember it (as a recent graduate) as my first exposure to management-style thinking.

Another great one:

After upgrading a server, we watched a client verify the server through his daily application. The client entered data and clicked on submit, the next screen appeared instantly. “This is not possible” said the client “it takes about two seconds to submit data to the database”!

“But the new server is much faster!” we said. It didn’t matter, the client refused to believe the data was really submitted.

We held a meeting about this ‘problem’. One developer suggested to add a two second ‘do nothing’ loop to the submit button.

So we patched the server and asked the client to verify again. He entered data, clicked ’submit’ and was very happy to have his two second delay back! “Now it works…” he said “…now the data is entering the database!”.

We admitted our fault (knowing very well that all we added was a two second delay).


It happens… all the time :-)

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April 9th 2009

1 in 7 people that download FireFox do not install it?

This is very surprising…


Apparently there are quite a lot of people that download Firefox, but do not install it. The question of course is.. why?
Luckily, FireFox’s share keeps rising: FireFox hits 35% market share in Europe, 22% globally



Keep on evangelizing! :-)

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March 10th 2009

10 things Ubuntu should implement?…

I hate lists like that… :-)


And I think most things on this list suck – badly, at that… But one thing caught my attention: people love eyecandy. It might seem a open door to some people, but this keep getting me off-guard. Personally, I don’t give a damn how my computerscreen looks. I must be able to read it – and without squinting, please. (So there are a lot of apps out there that I think are badly designed, no matter how they look!). But people love it… I see it with my daughters, who don’t care they can hardly read the facebook pages they look at – as long as the background is cool. People don’t even care if this costs a lot of CPU-power. Strange….

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March 3rd 2009

Programming in the recession



I’m still thinking about switching to JAVA… I like that language – and even more, now I see this graph… :-)
I don’t see any decrease in demand for neither PHP or Lotus Notes in my surroundings. I don’t mind, of course, but it is a bit puzzling, I have to admit. You would expect a slump – but I don’t experience it!

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March 3rd 2009

Challenger Disaster & Software Engineering

Lessons for software engineers to be learned from the disaster with the Challenger Space Shuttle…


Well…most software I use is not made/tested this way…. :-)

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February 9th 2009

Google does eye-tracking studies – and shows them off

I always love these type of studies… they can give great insight into the way users use a webpage…



Read it, and learn….!

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December 30th 2008

IBM asked to opensource Lotus Notes?

That would be a bold move…


I don’t see it happening – I think they still make a lot of money on it….

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