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March 15th 2010

LEGO-repairs… :-)

Love this :-)

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November 26th 2009

The Matrix in LEGO

What can you say? It had to be done. Now it is :-)

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June 24th 2008


2586208560_e299966997_m.jpgThe movie is not out yet, but the main character is already rendered in LEGO…


Will the movie be better? :-)

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May 29th 2008

Virtual LEGO

LEGO is building a whole world – online:


I don’t know if this is gonna work. I think I would miss the feel of the blocks too much….

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April 2nd 2008

LEGO Miller Park

Amazing what people can come up with… the amount of time it!

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March 11th 2008

LEGO MP-player

Another LEGO-gadget: an MP3 player!


Shame they scaled the block up. You should be able to put it in a LEGO-construction, and now you can’t..

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March 4th 2008


This film is a bit to slow – but still sorta funny:

Besides: it features the Wii and LEGO – what’s not to like? :-)

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February 28th 2008


An LEGO USB-stick – why not?


Just what the world needed! :-)

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January 29th 2008

LEGO is 50 years old!

To celelebrate, we have a timeline online here:


Congratulations! :-)))

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