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November 2nd 2010

Deconstructing the Twinkie

Populair food in the VS… but what is it made of?

San Francisco-based photographer and dad Dwight Eschliman read Ettlinger’s book and became obsessed with the topic. Raised by a health-nut mom, Eschliman hadn’t even seen a Twinkie until he was at college. Now a parent himself, he wanted to figure out exactly what the snack food was made of. Eschliman photographed all 37 or so of the ingredients in a Twinkie for a book of his own, “37 Or So Ingredients.”

It made for some beautiful pictures…

More here.

Does he eat Twinkies? Almost never, he says. “I snack more on whole foods, and I’m probably more conscious of that now. Nuts, fruits.

“I’ll leave the preaching to others about how you should eat local or organic foods,” he continues. “But if people ask me, `Is the Twinkie bad for you?’ which is a way of saying, `Is it good for you?’ – if you want something that is good for you, eat fruits and vegetables and don’t worry about the rest.”

But millions are sold each year, none the less..

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March 9th 2010

The cost of healthcare…

This is, in a a way, a very sad story…

The bills for his seven years of medical care totaled $618,616, almost two-thirds of which was for his final 24 months. Still, no one can say for sure if the treatments helped extend his life.

Whole story here.

It is a tale about the spiraling costs of health care – everywhere in the western world. It is a almost impossible weighting of (somewhat) extending live against extreme costs. When are you spending too much on a life? Who could make a decision like this? Should you even try to do this? Or should the government step in? I don’t know. But it is a problem this is fast increasing, and it will not go away. We need to solve this, one way or another…

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March 12th 2008

How bad is aspartame for you?

This lady thinks: pretty bad. And she decided to try this out on pet-rats:


Obviously, this is not a scientific experiment. But still something to think about if you know aspartame is in all kinds of softdrinks nowadays…

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March 9th 2008

Don’t Eat Anything That Doesn’t Rot

This is very true. Alas, not a lot of people seem aware of that….


Intersting article, if only for the headline!

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February 1st 2008

Cheesburger from a can

Someone eets a cheesburger from a can…


Scroll all the way down. Of course, it tasts horibble.. that was to be exprected!

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February 1st 2008

Even sweet food contains too much salt…

This is really strange!


But apparently, it is true!

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