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September 29th 2009

Why you should support Mac OS X and Linux

This is a interesting post from a game-developer…


He states that the amount of interest gained by making a Linux/OS X version of a game is so large that it actually helps the sales of the windows-version as well….

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July 23rd 2009

M$ into the GPL?

There has been a lot of talk about the release from M$ of some drivers – covered, no less, by the GPL.


I must admit I am ambivalent about this. I’m having a hard time believing M$ is actually trying to play ball here. It is far more in line with what we have come to expect for them to appear playing the ball. Only to wait for someone to look the other way for a second and then to grab it and run away….


Ah! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Thus, the case unfolds….


Turns out our friends in redmond where actually violating the GPL, and had to release this code or be sued… That explains a lot!

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July 15th 2009

USPS goes to Linux – numbers and jokes on /.

The US Postal Service moves 1300 of its servers over to Linux. That is, of course, news I love to hear.
Slashdot, the famous geek-site, had a article about it.


But it would not be /. if there would not be some very funny remarks:

1300 servers, processing 40 million transactions a day… that’s about 30,800 transactions per server. Or one transaction every 2.8 seconds or so. With an entire Linux box dedicated to it.

I work in the scan processing group at FedEx. At peak, we see over 100,000,000 transactions a day. And that’s handled on 45 linux boxes, and 12 more for the database, doing upwards of 6000 transactions per second during bursts. That’s a peak of about 133 transactions per second, per box. That’s a little better than 0.3 TPS for the Post Office. So we have about 400 times the performance with 5% of the hardware. By that margin, I could do their processing with about 25 boxes total. That would mean another 98% savings on hardware alone.

For some reason, I fail to be really impressed that they’ve gone from “Crappy performance and Expensive” to “Crappy performance and less expensive.”

I wonder if I can get the bazillion dollar contract to rewrite their system… No, wait, my name isn’t “Boeing” or “Lockheed” or Ken Murtha.

To which someone replies:

Maybe their servers are in the union?


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May 25th 2009

Is this the future of Linux on netbooks?

It could be worse, that is for sure….

This is not so much a computer, more of a large smartphone. But then again – why not? Most people really don’t do that much more with their computers…

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March 10th 2009

Android on netbooks?

Everybody is talking about how Android on netbooks would be a threat to M$…


I don’t know… I think it would not be really different from any other Linux-distro on any other netbook. The problems would be the same: lack of drivers/hardware support from any manufacturer. The only difference would be that a big name got behind it. This might make a big difference, but I doubt it….

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February 25th 2009

One Third of Dell Inspiron Mini 9s Sold Run Linux

This is great news….


Apparently, people like them, too, as the percentage of returns to the store is equal to that of netbooks with XP on them…
It would be nice if you could measure this by actual ‘linux-hits’ on sites, which are still very low…

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February 7th 2009

Motorola dumps Windows Mobile in favour of Android

Motorola sees which way the wind(ow?) is blowing:


Nice :-)
I’ve been playing with the G1 yesterday, and I really like it! It has some nifty featur

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December 12th 2008

Great quote…

Ignorance is not bliss, but slavery.


This quote was found in a post that is quickly becoming a classic on the interwebs. It is about some sort of high-school manager finding a kid distributing ‘illegal’ copies of Linux… LOL, if it weren’t so sad…

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November 24th 2008

Amsterdam steekt Microsoft-besparingen in open source

Dit is fantastisch! Eindelijk eens een ‘overheid’ die begrijpt hoe het werkt….wow!


Nu maar hopen dat meer mensen gaan snappen wat de bedoeling is!

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October 4th 2008

Ubuntu on the beach!

Must be an alien invasion!

Full version.

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