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January 18th 2011

Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO) is not worth it…

Search Engine Optimalisation (or SEO for short) is one thing my clients often ask me for. “I need to be found in google. How do I do that?”. Or, more assertive: “Make sure I get on the 1st page with my very important and unique business!”. Yes master, I bow and obey!…


It is virtually impossible to explain to customers that does not really work. I might show them this page in the future :-)

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December 14th 2010

One reason to block adds…

Two major online ad networks — DoubleClick and MSN — were serving malware via drive-by download exploits over the last week, experts say, after a group of attackers was able to trick the networks into displaying their ads by impersonating an online advertising provider. The scheme involved a group of attackers who registered a domain that was one letter away from that of, an online advertising technology firm. The attackers then used the fake domain — — to dupe the advertising networks into serving their malicious banner ads. The ads used various exploits to install malware on victims’ PCs through drive-by downloads, according to information compiled by security vendor Armorize.

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October 5th 2010

IE at less than 50%?!?

It would seem that IE usage is still declining…


According to it’s even less than 50% That would be a day for celebration for all webdev’s :-)

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April 1st 2009

SPAM back to old levels?

According to a numer of sources, spam is back on the old levels:

I must say that I’m seeing much less spam in my inbox than I used to. Normally I would see about 3000 mails a month, and I’m down to about 800. And I don’t see it rising, yet…

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March 10th 2009

The next big thing online?

Stephen Wolfram, a computer genius who wrote (among other things, Mathematica) has come up with something else…


Apparently, this new ‘application’ can understand natural language questions and answer them…
It does not look the answers up in a database, but is supposed to be able to ‘compute’ the answer somehow… very interesting stuff… for most other people one would discard this a a looney.. but he has done some other amazing stuff. We will have to wait and see where this goes.!

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January 21st 2009

Obama takes over

ReadWriteWeb has a nice article about the takeover of Barac of


It looks nice, anyway… web 2.0 galore :-)

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December 4th 2008

Good explanation about how cyberwar works…

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September 10th 2008

The Internet FAQ from 2085

This is really funny:


Lets hope it does not come to that!

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September 6th 2008

FF 3.1 faster than Chrome?

Chrome made a splash… but… FF 3.1 might be faster?



Let the browser wars begin!

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August 18th 2008

We’re running out of (adress)space on the Net

The protocol that keeps the internet humming and running is running out of adress-space…


It is really time that we switch to IPv6!

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