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July 9th 2008

Create amazing drawings online

Very nice flash-app, that will let you draw like this:



I like it. Use it to draw special items on a birthday-card, for instance… :-)

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June 4th 2008

Nice morphing picture in flash

Move your mouse from left to right…



Nice :-)

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May 21st 2008

Funny flash app

Move your mouse around…



Move mouse: Spider walks, dog follows. Move mouse in circles, large, small.
Move mouse up: Spider walks into the sunset (if there was a sun).
Move spider under paw of dog: Dog lifts paw.
Hold left mouse button while moving: Spider crawls low to the surface.
Click left mouse button: Spider jumps (Dog too, when close).
Hold left mouse button down for a short while and let go: Spider jumps higher, so does dog, when close.
Right mouse click and Zoom In: Larger spider

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April 8th 2008

Open Doors

Another one of those anoying, but interesting flash-games!


Nice puzzle :-)

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March 31st 2008


This is a very annoying game… :-)


Still, easy and fun to lose a few minutes with!

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March 26th 2008

Minority report, anyone?

Nice rip-off:


Move mouse over screen, choose something and click.

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February 18th 2008

Shake the cloth!

Shake this cloth in Flash:

Looks cool.. takes a bit of out of your CPU!

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