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October 15th 2011


i’m not actually sure how much of this is really ‘emergent behaviour’. I mean that it’s not clear from the movie how much of this is programmed beforehand, and how much it is really ‘thought off’ by the robots.

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January 27th 2011

Quadrotor helicopters build tower

This is very interesting… research, anyway. If practical in any sense, remains to be seen, but it looks amazing! Imagine a squadron of quadrotor helicopters… and saying this 5 times out loud very fast will break your tongue… :-)

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January 21st 2011

Asteroid Impact Sites

A google-map with all (known!) impact craters around the globe.. some are quite beautifull:

For more, please see the interactive map:


There are very few to be seen in Europe… I wonder why?

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January 14th 2011


false sense, thereoff… :-)

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November 3rd 2010

Richard Dawkins and Neil deGrasse Tyson on The Poetry of Science

Its a long piece, but it is interesting to watch! I did not know the name Neil deGrasse Tyson, but I like him as wel… He is very good at explaining difficult concepts, I feel. Someone to watch!

(That I am a fan of Dawkins can be no surprise to anyone reading this blog :-) )

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October 6th 2010

You think you are rational? Think again… :-)

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September 7th 2010

Our universe continues to amaze…

Who needs a god when the universe is this beautifull?

Explanation here.

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August 17th 2010

Dirt can be good for children

It has long been said that playing with dirt might actually be good for children. (Within limits, of course!)


Too much hygiene will actually be bad for your health… now the trick is to find out where the optimum lies :-)

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April 19th 2010

You can’t have your own facts…

You are entitled to your own opinion,
You are entitled to your own believes,

But you are not entitled to your own facts – sorry, you are not!

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April 13th 2010

Beautifull video: Nature by numbers

Nature is beautiful, even if, no, especially when you can compute it….!

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