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February 23rd 2011

Windows Phone 7 update bricks some phones

Nokia gets a taste of what might be in store for them…


M$ needs to get it’s act together fast, if WP7 is to make any dent into the mobile market…

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February 14th 2011

M$ tries to buy mobile market

M$ buys NOKIA…


The article of course does not state this, but it is clear none the less… M$ tries to buy it’s way in to the market. This has been done before by M$, and it does not bode wel. Not for NOKIA, and certainly not for WP 7. If the OS is good enough, should clients not pay you to use it, instead of the other way around? :-)

For some reason, I cannot see either Apple or Google losing any sleep over this deal…

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January 14th 2011

Nice twitter-app


With this JAVA-applet you can set two words agains eachother and see what people are saying about those two words. These are ‘live’ searches as far as I can make out. That means your results will differ from what I saw. But I loved this result, so I thought I’d share it with you. It amazes me the way Apple will ’steal’ anyones thunder. Even here, you can see that M$ is mentioned in conjunction with Apple very often… Much more so than the other way around!

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December 10th 2010

Full Minority Report interface

It gets a bit repetitive after 1 minute.. but this has got to be the coolest hack of… well, at least this week. You got to give credit where it is due: M$ build something that will inspire a lot of people. Of course, it had to be hacked first, but still…. :-)

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November 11th 2010

Open Kinect driver released!

The new Kinect-sensor bar from M$ has been hacked…!


This is great news, as now DIY-projects can use all those sensors to do fun stuff! Robots, weird ‘art’-projects, you can almost hear them come towards you :-)

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November 2nd 2010

Windows Phone 7 shipping with IE 7…

WP7 is plagued by a number of issues, but this is absurd even by M$ ’standards’.


Some comments on the article state that this is common knowledge, but I did not know this… anybody: please don’t buy these phones! Please….? On the web, we are finally getting rid of IE6 and 7… only to get it back in the mobile space? Puhlease…

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August 17th 2010

M$ fighting dirty? No way! :-)

Microsoft is buying gMail accounts…


I wonder if I created 100.000 accounts they would want to buy them :-)

Without making fun of it, it is just sickening how this is considered normal business… :-(

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June 15th 2010

Why M$ Silverlight is not such a great idea

I think this comment is very good at explaining why some technologies have no place in the web:


It breaks the ‘webexperience’. Of course, people will still use it :-( I hope steaming video will quickly move to HTML 5…..

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April 15th 2010

This is how our gadges are made…

It’s a bloody shame… but this is apparently true…


What can we do about it? Not buy the gadgets? :-(

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March 16th 2010

M$ just killed a large percentage of Windows Mobile buyers’s interest

Confirmed: Marketplace will be the only way to get apps on Windows Phone 7 Series


This is really amazingly stupid… it will scale the potential large adoption of developers/high end users right down…. strange…. and a bit of a shame, while I would not have bought a Windows Mobile Phone when it would have been the last mobile in the world, I would have liked better competition for iPhone and Android….

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