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January 21st 2011

Japanese design…

Funy nice vases:

Nice chair.. it might even be comfortable, albeit a bit cold…

I think the echo in here is maybe more interesting than the actual thing on display…

(if only because I don’t read japanese, so I have no clue as to what actually is on dispay…)


Twirl down?


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January 18th 2011

You think you control the temperature?

Think again – you don’t :-)


Of course, this is not easy to check… The same has been said of “close”-buttons in elevators. In elevators I use regularly there is such a button. If you press it, a light on the button lights up – and the doors close. But the doors close very fast anyway! So: is anything happing with the button? You really can’t tell… :-)

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January 12th 2011



Sometimes you see something you wish you had invented yourself. This is not in production; it’s just a design. But would I love to have one? You betcha!

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November 30th 2010

Japanese casemod…

Not very practical – but very, very nice to look at!

More shots here.

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September 30th 2010

Gaudi still inspires people…

Nice idea – and very well executed! It is good to see that old ideas can still be used for great design…

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September 1st 2010

Stunning vase

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August 19th 2010


Reminds me of this book: Carve the sky. In this book there is talk of a bowl that is out-worldishly beautifull. This might not be out of this world, but… beautifull it is…!

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August 17th 2010

Beautiful staircase

Folded stairs :-)

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April 15th 2010

Beautifull lookout in Norway

What a sight… now we need a lookout to look at the lookout :-)

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October 23rd 2009

Foldable eBike…

As much as I like this design, I kinda wonder: why can’t the guy just peddle? I mean, it would a hell of a lot cheaper, and he would get a free workout! Still… nice design :-p

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