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October 6th 2010

Minecraft… new ‘game’ for me…

There is this new ‘game’ on the block: Minecraft. In this game, you can build your own levels. And that inspires some people to some very, huh, geeky stuff….

Rebuilding the earth:

And of course, for extra geek-points, Startrek cannot be far behind:

Really amazing stuf. Again, you can see that if you build a platform, people will start building stuff on top of it. WOW!

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June 15th 2010

Insightfull comment…

In a article about Wave:


I saw this comment…:

Right now it’s one more possibly useful option that just isn’t important enough to remember.

I think this is a very insightfull comment. It signals the growing problem I face as well. What is still important enough to follow? How can you sieve important sites/trends amongst the enormous amount on offer? It also means that any site hoping to attract a large number of visitors is facing a increasingly steep climb… It is very hard to get noticed no matter what you do.

Of course, the number of people on the internet is also growing, but I think they tend to go for the ‘well known’ sites…

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April 29th 2010

Internet addiction?…

This is saddening…


In February, a 22-year-old bludgeoned his mother to death for “nagging” him about playing Internet games, police said. He then played games online for hours, paying with his mother’s credit card, a police statement said.

I mean, it is bad enough that people spend so much time online, but even more sad is that the mother apparently is not able to control her own son… it is strange that you would let it come to that… :-(

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April 27th 2009

Nobody is Making Money Online from Susan Boyle Video (Yet)

Unless you lived in an exceptionally dark cave in the last two weeks, you probably weren’t able to escape the Susan Boyle phenomenon. According to some metrics, over 100 million people have watched the immaculately edited video of the ‘frumpy’ 47-year-old’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) by now.


This remains the big problem of the Internets… how to make money online? Along the same lines is this new Firefox-plugin:


This plugin ‘rerenders’ the page to disable all items except the main-content. This could be seen as brilliant… and there are a lot of sites where I would like to skip all the trash. But how do content owners get any kind of money then? It is all very nice to talk about expanding your network, or creating exposure for your business, or getting people to pay for special content of any kind. But the fact remains that it is getting increasingly difficult to make any kind of money online…

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February 23rd 2009

Cursing at/in Twitter…

Gotta love this.. this websites shows the statistics of people cursing using Twitter.


I’m still kinda missing the point of this ‘Twitter-thing’, but anyway, I love to mock it :-)

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February 18th 2009

Facebook backs down, reverses on user information policy

Facebook got severely burned on this one…


As posted here before, Facebook tried to change it Terms of Service. Seems that the users took issue with this one… The uproar actually caused Facebook to revert. Way to go, power to the people :-)

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February 17th 2009

The history of the Internet

Interesting, good introduction…!

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February 16th 2009

Facebook to users: Your data is ours… forever!

I dislike ‘community’ sites. I don’t like the mindless ‘communication’ on most sites. I don’t see the use of it. (I’m on linked-in, since that is strictly professional…) I dislike also the idea that all those companies take all your data in return for.. well.. nothing, really. Bandwith, I guess…


Seems Facebook takes it one step further, and claims ownership off all uploaded content – indefinitely. Sjees….

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December 28th 2008

What is the Web 2.0 about?

Nice summary… :-)

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October 20th 2008

BBC about online media

Erik Huggers, BBC: the MIPCOM 2008 interview from James Martin on Vimeo.

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