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June 28th 2010

Stop sign you will stop for…

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December 15th 2009

Killing the e-book softly…

(Title should be sang along the melody of ‘Killing me softly’)


This is the way to kill the e-book, yet again. Please keep fighting over copyright, keep trying to get the price as high as possible. That way copying a book will become the norm, instead of something that happens occasionally :-(

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September 21st 2009

I knew people have aquariums, of course. I would even like to have one myself. (But I don’t have the space!). But hat people would have aquariums without any fish in them (or rather, the fact that de aquarium is not about the fish!) is something I did not know…


This is only about the plants, or the ‘aquascape’. Some people allow some fish:


Obviously, this is great to look at… and sort of an ‘artform’, not unlike gardening… And of course you get contests…


Amazing stuff!

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April 1st 2009

GM’s demise bad news for clean energy?

Could the problems General Motors is in be actually bad for clean energy?


This article pursues the idea that GM was, in fact, doing more good than bad to the search for clean energy. And the fact that is is in financial problems (that’s an understatement if there ever was one!) is preventing it from making real progress…

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March 24th 2009

Beautiful watch-tower

Very beautiful design…


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January 22nd 2009

Has Darwin failed? No!

This year it is 200 years ago that Darwin was born. The simple and clear explanation he gave for all life on earth is still not as widely accepted as you might expect…


For me, as an atheist, it seems strange that this is the case. But it is… this a nice article about the struggle that is still going on.

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December 17th 2008

Nerd Christmas tree…

It does not get any nerdier (?) than this….

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December 4th 2008

Beautifull bookshelves?

This is really amazing:



Of course, you can’t store a lot of books in it… and it will probably end up littered with stuff in my home. But I can dream, can I not?

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June 16th 2008

12 Hilarious Old School Nintendo Commercials

This is history….


And this time, you don’t have to go to some desert and digg up an old skull! You can just watch it from your chair :-)

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May 17th 2008

World Press Freedom Day

Nice ad to attract attention to this important day:


More here

Freedom of press is important. Even in the supposedly liberal Dutch society cartoonists get locked away!

Article in Dutch

Origional canadian article


Babelfish translation into English

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